Peoples Postcard Greetings are unique cards to share with others when you want to jot down a quick note to show that you are thinking of them. Penguin,

Polar Bear, Porcupine, and Peoples are a loyal band of friends known as "Don Peoples & the Postcard Pals." (During the winter they are sometimes joined by their really cool buddy, Pete the Snowman.)

The Postcard Pals

Penguin: What this bird lacks in height and flying ability, his can-do spirit has no limits.

Polar Bear: A lovable guy whose heart is as big as his 800-pound frame.

Porcupine: Porcupine's smarts are as sharp as the quills that make up her hairdo. But watch out--she's not afraid to show her fun, playful side.

Peoples: As the mild-mannered human friend of his animal sidekicks, Peoples tolerates their many shenanigans. Through it all, he wouldn't trade them for the world.

Don Peoples & the Postcard Pals hope you enjoy their adventures as well!